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About Armenia, For Tourists and Other Text Pages

Access by car

The transport infrastructure in Armenia is composed of rail, highway and airport. There is no access to the sea, no maritime infrastructure. One can go to Armenia by Georgia from the north or by Iran from the south because Turkey and Azerbaijan have no diplomatic relations with Armenia.

Access by train

Today the Armenian railroad is currently unable to compete with cars. The rail network is not very extensive, is currently limited to the line connecting Armenia to Georgia. This is the main international railway line for communication. It is planned to build a railway line of 450 km between Armenia and Iran.

Due to the geopolitical position of the region, the main route to Armenia is by air.
The international airport “Zvartnots” which is 15 km from Yerevan offers departures to many destinations. He has the certificate of ICAO category with 24 hours.
Since 2002, Zvartnots airport is managed by the Argentine America Corporation led by the Argentine-Armenian Eduardo Eurnekian. Therefore, renovation work in depth there are: rehabilitation of trails, restoration of the VIP terminal and especially construction of a new terminal was inaugurated in November 2011. Thus, the new 49,700 m² airport can accommodate more than three million passengers a year.
To get from the airport to the city visitors can take a taxi (24 / 24) or mini bus (from 8h to 20h)-lines 108 and 201 leading to the city center. Transportation by mini bus is about half an hour and the ticket costs 200 drams. By taxi, the same trip costs an average of 2500-3000 drams (5 -6 €).
For more information follow the link:


Armavia national carrier of the Republic of Armenia.

Aeroflot Russian

Air France KLM in France

British Airways UK

Lufthansa of Germany

Austrian Airlines from Austria

Czech Airlines to Czech Republic


For more information about a trip to Armenia, you can contact the Embassy or the Armenian representation of your country.

Ministry of foreign Affairs   www.

Visa and Formalities

Before you visit Armenia, check the validity of your passport, it must be valid six months beyond the end date of the planned stay. A visa is required and can be obtained: at the Embassy of Armenia in your country, on arrival at the airport Zvartnots Yerevan the short stay visa for a private visit, tourist or sales) was established on an ordinary passport. Two vignettes are possible, one is valid for 21 days (cost of 3,000 drams, are about 6 €), the other is valid from 22 to 120 days (cost of 15,000 drams, are about 30 €). Internet via the procedure EVISA at the following address: is efficient and the consulate has, to date, received no complaints about him. Visas on diplomatic and service passports can’t  be established at the airport – the need to obtain from the competent Armenian embassy before departure. The extension of visa is possible from OVIR (local office of immigration control) upon payment of a fee. The export of any cultural object is subject to prior authorization, the risk to the confiscated or heavily taxed. For further information obtain a visa, follow the link:

In order to get detailed information on VISA, please, follow the given link:

Armenia is 4 hours ahead of GMT (GMT + 4)
The DST starts on Sunday, March 27, 2011, 02:00 local standard time
The DST ends on Sunday, October 30, 2011, 03:00 local daylight saving time

The current is 220 volts.

The official currency is the dram (AMD). There are notes of 1000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000 and 50 000, 100 000 drams, and parts 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 drams.
The cash payment is the most widely used, but in the major shops you can pay by credit card.
You can find ATMs in almost all the central streets of Yerevan. Travelers checks will not be of any use.
You can also change money on the spot, in which banks are open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and in the numerous exchange offices are open from 9:00 to 18:00. Many exchange offices are open 24 / 24.
For more information on the exchange rate follow the link:

Tipping is customary for the services rendered by drivers, guides, porters and waiters. It constitutes 5 to 10% on the total price of the services provided.

To call
– From abroad to Armenia: 00 (for international) + 374 (area code for Armenia) + area code + number to 6 digits
– On a fixed telephone in Yerevan: 010 + number of the 6-digit
– On a mobile: the prefix of the mobile phone + number to 6 digits
* Prefixes of three mobile operators are:
orange armenia 055; 095
vivacell 094; 098; 077; 093
armentel 091; 099; 096

The official language is Armenian, spoken by the entire population, minorities included. The fact that it has its own alphabet (39 letters) makes it rather tight to travelers but it is useful and welcome, as always, to learn a few words.
Note the differences between Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian. Are also practiced in Russian and English.

Hello: Barev (dzez)
Good evening: Bari yereko
Goodbye: Tstéssoutioun
Thank you: Merrrci; chnorhakaloutyoun
Please: Khntrem
Yes: Ayo
No: Votch
I do not understand: Tchem haskanoum
Do you speak English? Khosoum eq angleren?
Do you speak French? Khosoum eq franseren ?

Avoid outfits too bare and crossing your legs when you sit in church.
Do not turn your back on the altar.

No compulsory vaccination. Avoid drinking tap water. Importation of controlled drugs: Prescription for people undergoing medical treatment and carrying their medications.
Are the recommended vaccinations against:
– Tetanus, polio, typhoid, diphtheria
– Hepatitis A and B
Medical Officer of the Embassy of France in Armenia Mr. Ara Babloyan (French)
Arabkir Medical Center – TИl: 236883
30, rue Mamikonyants
• inquiry service: +374-10-236883-1111
• children’s air ambulance service: +374-10-235943-1113
• Medical Director: +374-10-238477-1188
Hospital Emergency Medical Science
10, rue Gurgian, Yerevan – TИl: 633421
• +374-10- 633 421
Nairi Medical Center
21, rue Paronyan, Yerevan
• reception room: +374-10-537500
• +374-10-537521


   “The guide Evasion Armenia” (Hachette)
“The Smart Little Armenia”
“Armenia” (The Geographical Society)

“The Armenian Pocket – A guide to conversation” (author Robert Avak, adapted by        Jean Rousan Guréghian and Gureghian)

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